Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH


Knappe + Lehbrink Promotion GmbH

ES ensures documentation and reliability of the production process


The fully integrated display manufacturer from Bünde in Westphalia (Germany) presents itself to its clients as a competent partner for complete product presentation at the Pointof-Sale (PoS). Many brands feel very well represented by the company, especially for product launches. 10 developers, including graphic artists work in the prepress department in order to visualize, design and 3D-render new ideas and concepts. To this end, the current DALIM SOFTWARE ES is employed. With its holistic approach, Knappe + Lehbrink company is FSC certified and puts special emphasis on sustainability. This spring, the company strives to attain ISO certification. certification. Its “zero energy building” using renewable energy, housing among others the office wing, is characterized by up to 92% energy savings compared to the EnEV standard 2011 and, achieves up to 100% CO2-emissions.

Established in 1996 by Klaus Knappe and Oliver Lehbrink in the heart of East Westphalia-Lippe, the company has grown steadily. Nowadays, K+L Promotion produces digitally in-house. The trend towards small and medium run lengths with more variations has accelerated its adoption of digital printing. Currently 100 employees, most of whom are employed in the post press department, carry out tasks such as lamination and punching, as well as operate the fully automatic punching machine. Particular attention is to be paid to the hand crafted assemblies that are met by lots of customer interest. Additionally, a sophisticated logistics software is employed to meet all requirements of storage and shipping efficiently.

Custom manufacturing


Not only the surrounding brands and suppliers from the area of Bünde appreciate Knappe + Lehbrink because the company does not use foreign production and provides secure jobs at fair wages. The bespoke attention to its clients with intensive consultation, carried out both from inside and outside sales personnel, ersonnel, adds to customer customer retention. retention. “Our jobs are bespoke, individual and oriented towards our clients. We do not produce standard products”, explains Dennis Laumann, sales manager at Knappe + Lehbrink.

 At this point, the company relies on DALIM SOFTWARE. SOFTWARE. Highest quality standards paired with the flexibility of ES and mapping mapping of the workflows orkflows as well as customer integration has been realized.

Starting with the input of a job and system-supported calculation, all job information is entered in ES. New orders, assignments of print files to their jobs and preflight are all carried out by ES. The system defines the workflow whereby lodged printers/presses and/ or other output channels are taken into consideration. Every employee receives only the information that he/ she really requires to carry out each task.


Transparency of the workflow

After a job has been uploaded, an automatic checkup via ES is carried out. The system recognizes errors and alerts the appropriate staff. Those are offered to send a message to the client asking him to change the data accordingly or, like it happens in about 30 per cent of jobs, the staff carries out the changes. “Process optimization at preflight stage has enabled us savings of approximately 30 per cent alone”, states Dennis Laumann, sales manager at Knappe + Lehbrink. Besides formproofing, standproofing is carried out. ES ensures that the proofs are accurately displayed on screen whereby the ready-ripped data are depicted in such a way, that all errors, inclucing vector errors, can be recognized. Formproofs are saved in the cloud thus ready to enter and pass their approval process. One click initiates the approval process. After client approval, the data is passed on to the print shop. Hereby, ES ensures that all elements of a print job are forwarded. A very important feature for Knappe + Lehbrink is the subsequent archiving of data and the extensive search options provided by ES. The comprehensive and comprehensible documentation of all process steps and work provides additional transparency.

knappelehbrink_5Documentation of all steps

When asked why Knappe + Lehbrink decided for DALIM SOFTWARE, CEO Oliver Lehbrink says: “ES is not too complex. It has an effective administration and saves costs. In addition, it is easy to handle. Furthermore, the distribution team from DALIM and GRAFICON, as well as its employees, left a very competent impression, that added to our positive feelings. DALIM SOFTWARE OFTWARE is not too big a company and interpersonal relations play a role, especially when investing in such purchases. The system is flexible in terms of adjustments. Its good introduction by GRAFICON, access to logs and reliability that all that has been promised was carried out, were an added plus. The connection to our existing systems works great.” Prior to the introduction ntroduction of ES, errors in files cost the company time and money; jobs were forgotten or perished. This has now changed dramatically. Due to the complexity of workflows, jobs, their documentation and not least time pressure, that is part of every job, ES assists Knappe + Lehbrink’s QA department. Oliver Lehbrink: “Immediately after its introduction, our savings were already around 3,000 Euros/month. The acquisition of ES, i.e. its ROI, will have amortized it in 1-2 years, most likely even faster.”

When selecting ES, the staff were involved in the decision process. Not all clients from Knappe + Lehbrink have been integrated to ES yet, however “We preach to the choir. Our clients really like it a lot. Meanwhile, we consider ES as a customer retention module.” Knappe + Lehbrink considers the cost/benefit as being very good and its error rate has fallen dramatically since ES’s introduction. Oliver Lehbrink sees the main strengths of ES in its workflow transparency and data mapping. Furthermore he mentions scheduling and monitoring of job progression whereby approval scheduling is a feature that is equally important to the company. The right mapping of data according to clients and jobs, their same naming, no matter which product of a project, are further positive features. Last, but not least, transparency is required and here, ES ensures that all steps are documented.