eupro group


Nowadays, offshore-production is a must


Fourteen years ago, the eupro group which, among others, includes gsd international GmbH, eupro medientechnik and media it services & consulting GmbH, began to expand into Asia. Currently, the company has full service prepress sites in Thailand and Cambodia.


“Our production is almost exclusively offshore,” explains Sven Leonhardt-Schuster. “The production sites in Phuket, Khon Kaen as well as Phnom Penh are our competitive advantage. One hundred eighty employees work in Phuket, eighty in Kohn Kaen and three hundred sixty in Phnom Penh. Due to the time difference, we are able to process orders around the clock and provide our customers with their jobs as quickly as possible.”

In addition to German-speaking and international management, the company increasingly focuses on its own, long-term employees in their respective countries who have advanced through the company.

“In Thailand, we have a contract with the Thai government to educate and train digital media designers (Mediengestalter). We are the only company permitted to do so. The training takes place at our site in Khon Kaen,” adds Sven Leonhardt-Schuster. “After the apprenticeship, an examination has to be taken, and when that is successfully completed the participants receive their training certificate.” Eupro group trains more than 100 new digital media designers per year in Thailand.

DALIM SOFTWARE plays a central role in this operation. The orders are input into DALIM ES by the employees at eupro group’s headquarters in Munich, and also at their sites in Hamburg and Nürnberg. Roles and responsibilities, as well as the entire workflow, are determined by eupro group member company media it services & consulting GmbH. The offshore employees then process the orders and, depending upon the customer or workflow, fine-tuning takes place in direct communication with the customer or via the German companies.

“Establishment of the workflow, allocation of rights etc. is being carried out centrally from Munich,” explains Petra Walton, CEO of media it services & consulting GmbH, responsible for the IT of the entire group. “We use standard solutions almost exclusively and DALIM ES is such a standard solution for us. In addition to the wide range of customers, it is important for us that the solutions we employ are sustainable and continue to be developed. DALIM SOFTWARE, as a market leader, is offering this for us.”

“We map all our workflows in DALIM ES. For us, automated processes are imperative, with the manual effort as minimal as possible. There is hardly anything that we have not been able to reproduce in DALIM ES,” continues Petra Walton. “We do not need so much support from DALIM SOFTWARE because the system is designed in such a way that we can handle much of it with our internal IT support and seldom need to refer to DALIM SOFTWARE.”

Before DALIM ES was installed, time-consuming proofs had to be produced, either locally at eupro group companies or remotely at customer sites. “We have eliminated remote proofs. For years, we have only used softproofs,” says Sven Leonhardt-Schuster. “We have successfully introduced and connected our customers to DALIM ES. Colour accuracy and reliable, accurate reproduction are an absolute must for our clients. DALIM SOFTWARE enables us to fully satisfy our customers in this respect.”


Whether the orders are comprised of catalogue pages, complete catalogues, flyers, brochures, magazine pages, complete magazines, single images or other prepress orders, the offshore employees from eupro group handle all print and online communication orders as well as eCommerce orders with the same accuracy. This is highly valued by all customers. Packaging orders have been included in the mix for nearly two years now, with 3D rendering also being used.

“In addition to our own company activities, we now also have joint ventures with other companies that want to secure production capacities offshore.”

“Within the past three years, the prepress landscape has changed dramatically,” says Sven Leonhardt-Schuster. “Services now are sold only based
on price. Customers already indicate during the procurement process that they want offshore pricing to be quoted. Up to now, we have not yet had 
customers insisting on production in Germany. We have strategically selected our locations, both in Germany as well as abroad. Customer proximity is important.”

And where does eupro group want to be in 10 years? “We want to be the market leader in our field,” declares Sven Leonhardt-Schuster. “We will intensify our offshore activities and joint ventures. Growth is occurring in Asia—no longer primarily in Germany. As to future developments and trends, we particularly see 3D rendering and CGI as major opportunities. And, of course, for automated mapping and processing of business processes, DALIM SOFTWARE will be on board as an integral part of the process.”