OZGraf Olsztynskie Zaklady Graficzne SA


OZGraf Olsztynskie Zaklady Graficzne SA

One of the biggest book printing houses in Poland, the OZGRAF company, works with TWIST since January 2008.

OZGRAF has a 60 year tradition in printing and binding books. Nevertheless they strongly care about innovation and progress. As a result of this commitment, OZGRAF is a winner of many Polish printing awards like The Gold and Diamond Griffin for quality of printed and bound books.

The success and prestige on both local and European markets has many reasons. Among them there is a well equipped printing hall (one 8-colour sheetfed press, five 4-colour presses and two web offset presses), a quality bookbindery and a very modern prepress department. Apart from TWIST, the software used includes GMG ColorProof proofing system and RIP workflow from Heidelberg.

OZGRAF has a lot of polish and foreign customers. Therefore the prepress department is faced with various versions and flavors of PDF files. It is common that these files are not properly prepared for offset printing, nor for the requirements of this particular printing house.

Those were the reasons why OZGRAF needed a solution for an automated, fast and reliable checking and correction of incoming PDF files, thus preparing them for the production RIP. The previous software was a bottleneck in the whole process – normalization took a lot of time and the results were sometimes unsatisfactory.
In a word – OZGRAF required a fast and fully professional normalizer and preflighter.
The board of directors decided to invest in TWIST Express configuration, containing NORMALIZER and AUTOTRAP modules. The final decision was made after a test installation of TWIST saved the day – an important customer from the European Union delivered files with complicated maps; thousands of layers and sophisticated transparencies brought the RIP to it’s knees. After normalization in TWIST however, the files were ripped normally, plates were exposed and the printed final result was satisfactory for both sides.

DALIM SOFTWARE system works on a separate Linux server, so the file processing is quick, and all sorts of problem-prone files, e.g. with non-typical vector graphics, after normalization are correctly prepared for further processes. Furthermore, fully automated AUTOTRAP module takes care of all the files that need trapping applied, automatically taking into account the type of objects within the file, the color sequence on press etc.

After six months of work with TWIST, the only thing OZGRAF employees could complain about was the preflight reports! But just because it’s very detailed about what’s wrong in a document.

The TWIST system fits perfectly in OZGRAF’s printing workflow.

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