P + E Digital Premedia


P + E Digital Premedia – Automation of Pre-Media with ES / TWIST

P + E is a company that operates as provider of solutions for prepress, digital printing and finishing, established 3 years ago in the southern city of São Paulo. Its basic approach is to differentiate itself from competitors by making extensive use of technology and exploiting the expertise of its professionals, some with over 15 years in the market.

Servicing the largest advertising agencies in the country and various direct customers in the promotional segment, the company excels in offering specialized services in digital printing using its HP 5600 and HP 7600 equipment. In 2010 and 2011 P + E was awarded with the title of Best Finish “Cartotécnico” (Technical Paperboard) in the Fernando Pini Award for Graphic Excellence, among other awards on the same prize and also in the HP Contest.

“Nothing else proves more that we are on the right track than the fact that today we are taken as a reference for quality and excellence by the market and our customers recognize it”, says Paulo Sérgio Gonçalves, Director of P + E.


“When we started three years ago, we had a lot of ideas and projects, but still did not know what would happen. Our major certainty was that we could not act like other companies that already existed, we had to do something quite different to establish ourselves in the demanding local market”, recalls Eden Carlos Ferraz, Director of P + E.

With the growth of the company, it became clear that P + E had to participate in the pre-media market. At the end of 2010 the company started its operations in this segment, and a year later made the installation of TWIST, followed by the installation of ES.



We started with a solution for the checking and normalization of files for the production of newspapers and magazines, but we wanted more flexibility for keeping up to date and integrating with other systems. So in early 2012 we initiated a project to replace our own developed tool using DALIM SOFTWARE solutions. The changes presented on ES version 3.0, along with the possibilities introduced by the incorporation of ES APIs were what made the project possible.


We started in late April the development of the new +Send, to be used by P + E. The system entered into the testing phase in September. With the flexibility of the APIs and integration with pre-existing TWIST, we got beyond the initial specifications and generated a very interesting and unique software.

“With the new system, we combined simplicity of operation, speed, control and ease of customization, which would be very difficult to achieve, had we chosen to build something similar using developers or integrators with technology not particularly specialized in graphics”, concludes Antonio Vasconcelos, IT Manager at P + E.

Available for customer use in early December, the new +Send has been appreciated for ease of use and quality of color conversions produced using GMG Color Server. With DIALOGUE Engine, part of ES, it eliminated the need to download PDF files for review in Adobe Acrobat. Submitting file, viewing and approval occur in a single system, which makes life easier for our clients where everything is accessed via Internet, from anywhere on any platform.

“The next step is to continue developing the tool by integrating it with other systems and increase automation, taking advantage of the features of ES to control, for example, processes related to digital printing, similarly to what already happens to the pre-media materials”, says Edson F. Okuda, Development Manager at P + E.