Prepress Meca S.A.S – ES improves business relationships in Medellin

Meca Preprensa is a prepress service company, located in the city of Medellin (Colombia) founded nine years ago while forming a strategic alliance with major Printers in Bogotá (capital of Colombia).



Design and prepress have continuously evolved, allowing organizations always more creativity within the changing landscape of a graphics industry in relentless quest for shorter delivery times supported by an efficient and modern communication.

The challenge for Meca consists in accompanying its clients in adapting to the fast evolutions in the market.

“Therefore, it was in search for new ideas that would ultimately give an orientation to my professional career that I visited the Graphic Arts Exhibition in Brazil (EXPOPRINT 2010) after DRUPA 2008. Both were an invaluable experience. Learning about the world class software TWIST and the new solution ES including DIALOGUE Engine was a great way to meet with experienced professionals in workflows, as well as an opportunity to visit various suppliers of alternative solutions, in an effort to obtain a differentiating factor against my competition with modular solutions that fits any need.

Since then, after much asking and receiving advices from experts on the subject, I decided to work with DALIM SOFTWARE, because it seemed to me a way to take a strategic leap ahead of my competition while taking advantage of the state of the art communication capabilities of the software suite.” says Guillermo Caicedo.

Today I consider to have a good local and online workflow that allows me to monitor and control my processes from anywhere with an Internet access, and even from my mobile device. My clients are happy with this solution that shortens significantly the conventional approval process as review, approve and annotations now occur in real time.

In conclusion I have achieved important benefits such as improving a business relationships established on trust and quality of our services, with a more dynamic and effective communication.

From a customer perspective, Amelissa, a Mail Order Company through catalogs with an outstanding annual growth, Flamingo with its magazines that requires an instant reactivity to meet short deadlines, TRT a magazine publisher who took more than three days in the prepress process now taking only one day, we can be confident having met or exceeded with effectiveness their demands.

To finish my story, I am looking forward to continue learning more from DALIM SOFTWARE solutions which adaptability and scalability make me feel comfortable while facing the challenges that many of us have in our area: “WHERE is the Graphic Market heading? MY answer: It doesn’t matter, DALIM SOFTWARE will fit my needs.”