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TWIST is an intrinsic part of the production workflow of Web-To-Print company

Founded in May, 2006, and headquartered in Arlington, Texas, offers a wide range of print products that are quoted, ordered, submitted and tracked from an easy-to-use web interface ( With approximately 120 employees in two facilities that, together, offer over 100,000 sq. feet of operating space, the company delivers a variety of printed materials – business cards, brochures, catalogs, etc. handles around 2,000 jobs per week using conventional offset presses – anything from four-color business cards to 96-page books. Its innovative service offers delivery of proofs typically within 3 minutes from file upload.

“About three years ago we knew that we needed to implement an automated premedia workflow system, but there were a number of specific criteria that we needed to address,” explains James Paul, CTO/Co-Founder. “The system had to accept any file format, deliver ‘bullet-proof’ print-ready PDF/X-1a files very quickly, and be flexible enough to grow with us.”

Matt Louis, Prepress Workflow Automation and Color Manager, contacted IO Integration (IOI), an independent systems integrator and authorized DALIM SOFTWARE reseller, who suggested a demonstration of TWIST. “During the demo, the IOI guys said ‘yes’ to every question that we had – and then showed us how it could be done,” continues Matt. “What really amazed us was TWIST’s ability to develop the production workflow based on the file itself in tandem with job specifications – a dynamically-developed workflow, if you will. TWIST ‘knows’ what size a page should be and regardless of the incoming pages, upon output the trim boxes are always correct. It also ‘discovers’ a page orientation variable we send to MIS for later use.”

“IOI has been an invaluable resource. Our needs have continually evolved over the past three years and IOI – along with TWIST – have ensured that the workflow has evolved along with us. We’re continually pushing the system – and IOI’s engineers – to do even more,” continues Matt. “Without TWIST, we would need an army of people. An anonymous customer can easily quote a job at 9:45 AM and complete approval by 10:00 AM. We’re on press at 10:30 AM and we ship the same day. Without TWIST, it would be almost impossible to manage.”

There’s still more that can be done with TWIST. “We are currently experimenting with XML messaging with a vision to automatically drive our job planning/ imposition system,” concludes Matt. “We are also working to deliver enhanced messaging to enable interactive proofing. In the future we hope to tell clients via the web interface what’s wrong with the job and let them address the issue while the file is within our system, eliminating the need for file rework and resubmission.”

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