Prismaflex International


Prismaflex maintains an industrial workflow from series to unit printing

Established in 1988, Prismaflex performs two connected activities: the production of billboards and large format printing. Its clientele is a mix of billboard operators and mass retailers, and Prismaflex provides them with a complete solution, including the billboard and tailored printing. Since then, a “resellers” unit has been established throughout the country. The company is also active in building wraps and innovative media. Finally, since 2004, Prismaflex has been producing interior decoration products for private individuals under the brand Scenolia: canvas frames, desktop wallpaper, posters, stickers, etc. These products are marketed by distributors or sold over the Internet.

What issues led Prismaflex to DALIM SOFTWARE?
Jean-Philippe Delmotte, Managing Director: Having an entirely digital machine park, the need to streamline the workflow is part of our strategy to control operating costs. Extending the logic of digital, both upstream (prepress) and downstream (trimming), production has to be as automated as possible to process large volumes. Furthermore, our sites must also provide this industrial response for any incoming orders for unit production, decoration, POS, etc.
Cédric Bertholet, Prepress Manager: Our orders can therefore be one-off or repeat. We have lots of clients and work with numerous agencies whose documents are not always correct. Also, the formats requested vary greatly: 40% of them are non-standard.

What are the strengths of TWIST in this context?
C. Bertholet:
 TWIST enables automated processing, including in special jobs. It manages the entire automation part of preflight and passed proof production. For the passed proof, we use a template that is sent to the client for validation. With respect to this task, TWIST has enabled us to save a lot of time and free up an operator. But TWIST goes beyond the passed proof, to production start. It adapts the document to our printing constraints: adding technical edges, register marks, colours nominated for the cut, etc.

prismaflex-2Example of passed proof created with the DALIM SOFTWARE workflow, containing information about evaluations, production and spot colours retrieved by the workflow from the production management system and from the input file itself.
How did programming of the prepress workflow go?
Alexis Greppo, Manager of the DALIM SOFWTARE project for the IT department:
 We were able to do it quickly because it was easy to establish the sequence of functions on screen. Plus, an excellent interface with our CAMM system allowed us to retrieve information from our SQL database for use in our passed proof template.

What productivity gains does the DALIM SOFTWARE give you?
J-P. Delmotte:
 In 5 to 6 years of using TWIST, we have reduced manual interventions by 2/3 and at the same time increased prepress productivity by about 25%.
C. Bertholet: We process an average of 1,200 jobs a month. With this volume, TWIST has enabled us to reduce the time required for the preflight/passed proof part by 50%.

Do you have other developments planned with TWIST?
J-P. Delmotte:
 We have not finished with DALIMSOFTWARE yet, especially with respect to production start. For example, for our “deco” business, TWIST will assist us in the production and processing of our product catalogues.
C. Bertholet: We are also in the process of creating a PDF normalisation workflow. We are currently testing it on real products. We want to secure our sources upstream of the preflight in order to better prepare the jobs from our clients at this stage of control.