Effective project management at SCPGREY

SCPGREY is an integrated full-service agency, which means they have everything needed to create strong and effective communication in all channels. SCPGREY create inspiring content independently of market, media and platform. Everything from brand studies, brand spiritTM, workshops and planning to integrated campaigns, digital productions, exhibitions and prints.

Since 1997, SCPGREY belongs to ”Grey Group” which is part of WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency network with around 175 000 employees in more than 3000 agencies in 110 countries. In 2014, the network GREY got the reward ”Agency of the Year” by the prestigious magazine Advertising Age.


Since many years, SCPGREY is using production solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE. About three years ago they decided to upgrade their system to ES, a centralized project management solution and workflow for multi channel production. Today they use ES to manage a global brochure production for Volvo Car Group. The production is done twice a year and includes brochures for all car models for 28 different markets. Pär Gorner (IT Manager) and Annika Trana Lagerholm (Client Service Director) are both involved in this project.

What demands and requirements did you have on an upgrade to ES?

spcgrey_2We found that our client assignments had become increasingly more complex, which resulted in higher demands on our systems and routins. We needed a central project management system that could handle all aspects of the production workflow and that involved all people/stakeholders of the project.

Why did you choose ES?

ES is a web based (HTML5), easy to use project management solution that involves the complete production workflow and all stakeholders. The solution has a great process overview, high quality assurance, reliability in it’s delivery and does also meet the requirements from a security aspect (by providing unique logins for all the different users).

For us, color managed softproofing and competent revision management were also important aspects.

Can you describe how you are using the solution today?

spcgrey_3Today we have two different workflows in ES. One workflow manages image production and the other one is handling brochure production. Volvo Car Group is one of the biggest customers we handle in this system.

The image production is handled in three steps and is initiated from Volvo Cars with a draft image, which is tagged with all the important information needed fo the image production. The next step is that the suppliers (photographer, artist) produce the image. Finally the image needs to be apporoved by Volvo Cars.

The brochure production is a much more extensive workflow. The brochure production for Volvo Cars is done twice a year. First of all, the drafts of all the various brochures are created and sent for internal remittance to the stake holders of the project. When the content of a brochure is approved, it is time to involve all the 28 markets around the world. A text for local translation is distributed through the system, so that it can be translated locally and sent back. After that, ’reviews’ for proofing and adaptation of the content is created. Thanks to an intuitive, web based interface, it is easy for all people involved to add changes and comments. This process is looped around 5-6 times. When the local market give their final approval, the files can be softproofed and produced.

All material is handled in our Xinet media asset management solution, for both internal and external production. Enfocus Switch is handling all production automated workflows, all communication between the ES server and the media bank as well as the deliveries to and from external partners and customers.

What are the benefits of using ES for you?

It would be impossible to handle projects of this size without an efficient project management solution like ES. The coordination, overview, quality assurance and the efficiency of the project which ES delivers is essential.

What does the future look like?

We are very satisfied with ES and we are of course constantly looking into how to improve our workflow to meet new demands and more customers. Therefore it is of great importance that the system is scalable, so that we easily can grow and add more performance, features and number of licenses.

How does NI Solutions as a consulting partner assist you?

NI Solutions consultants helped us with the implementation and training when we started up with ES. Now we have an ongoing dialogue with NI Solutions concerning updates and development of our workflow. We are very satisfied with NI Solutions as a consulting partner. It is great to have an external discussion partner, who is familiar with our system and the industry in general.

Magnus Lundgren at NI Solutions; In today’s fast-paced world of content delivery, where companies expect faster file turnarounds — along with more competitive pricing — businesses require efficiency, productivity and security from their solutions. We at Network Innovation are automation experts. We offer solutions that fit all types and sizes of media production environments – such as printers, production companies, prepress, advertising agencies and in-house departments.