Vogel Druck und Medienservice GmbH


Vogel Druck und Medienservice GmbH optimises the proof workflow

By installing DALIM SOFTWARE, ES Enterprise Solution and the DIALOGUE Engine, Vogel Druck in Höchberg is streamlining its workflow between pre-press and print room.

Vogel Druck und Medienservice is one of Germany’s leading rotary offset and media service providers. The company is an innovative systems supplier with a comprehensive range of services. With 384 employees and a production area of 13,000 m², the company – headquartered in Höchberg, Southern Germany – achieved sales of 57 million euros in 2010. Vogel Druck counts around 200 magazine titles in its portfolio, and each year processes approx. 54,000 tonnes of paper, manufacturing around 1.8 million magazines copies a day.

Comprehensive streamlining

The production and scope of services extends from A for Address Management to E for E-Publishing and I for Inkjet personalisation through to Z for Zoom factor. With this comprehensive range of products and services, there are always areas where something can still be optimised. This includes the area of proof production that the company recently streamlined by installing ES Enterprise Solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE. First internally and in subsequent stages externally for customers as well, Vogel Druck has gradually introduced the soft proof over the past year, meaning they have already successfully implemented comprehensive streamlining measures.
The company had taken on the task of optimising its internal workflow. Previously, a general, non–colour binding proof was produced for each customer on an HP plotter, and for customers who requested it, a further colour–binding proof on an Epson proofer. This time–intensive and high–cost service needed optimising with an appropriate solution.

A clear decision

Thanks to specialist system integrator Unisolve GmbH, the company was made aware of DALIM SOFTWARE products towards the end of 2011 and initially subjected these solutions to comprehensive analysis as part of a test process. Harald Lochner, Prepress Project Manager, recalls: “In preparing for our project, we have naturally taken a look at a few different options, but the solution from DALIM SOFTWARE seemed to be the ideal fit for our requirements. By investing in ES Enterprise Solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE, we were able to take small steps into the area of soft proofs initially, with a view to establishing a solution for the internal proof workflow afterwards. We now already have eight systems on our web printers and have installed two systems on the sheet–fed machines. Although we have only optimised our own workflow at this point, and the printers now have the soft proof on the machine at all times, a number of customers have already been won over and want to adapt their workflow, in this case an agency workflow, to ours.“

The advantage of DALIM SOFTWARE ES at Vogel Druck lies not only in optimising the workflow; the savings on internal proofs are already producing an enormous reduction in costs. Harald Lochner: “Each year we produce around 170,000 plates, and a large proportion of jobs require colour matching via a proof. By using the DALIM solution, we hope to save around 60,000 euros a year, meaning that this investment will pay for itself within just one year.

This was just the beginning

Introducing ES naturally represents just the start of the process for Vogel Druck of optimising the production workflow. Now that the internal soft proof workflow is functioning optimally after around a year, the company will be implementing further steps and expanding the system. Harald Lochner: “With the DIALOGUE Engine from DALIM SOFTWARE which we have also installed, we will in future be able to offer our customers an optional form of efficient colour communication. Our customers will then be able not only to see and evaluate a soft proof, the system will provide us with full control, matching and approval of the print jobs. To achieve this, DIALOGUE Engine has a variety of efficient tools to make the approval process even faster and more efficient, and save both us and our customers a lot of time as well as saving costs over using the conventional proof process.”