Accelerating approvals for cosmetics packaging

“We need to know, for example, on whose desk a project is pending approval.”

Jorge Mora,
Pretotyping Manager, ISDIN Corporate

What ISDIN achieves with DALIM ES:

  • Streamline text and artwork management review
  • Involve internal [and] external partners
  • Understand the exact status of every piece of art
  • Monitor improvement in their process
  • Easy to customize [workflows] as needed through time

The Challenge

Streamline their packaging artwork review and lifecycle management

“With our market success, it is important to cope with our increasing artwork workload as soon as possible,” explained Jorge Mora, Pretotyping Manager, ISDIN Corporate, when asked about ISDIN’s approval goals. “We need to know, for example, on whose desk a project is pending approval.” With a wide product range extending throughout many countries around the world, ISDIN management [needed] an integrated platform to streamline its text and artwork management review. The review process involves many areas in its company, such as marketing, QA, its technical office and regulatory department. Reviews also involve their external partners, such as printers, packaging suppliers and third-party manufacturers.

The Solution

DALIM Software accelerates approvals for ISDIN

When asked about selecting DALIM ES (Enterprise Solution) Mora answered, “We heard recommendations from other colleagues in the cosmetic industry that DALIM ES was a complete solution for a company with the size and complexity of ISDIN. We were really encouraged about how easy it was for the user and administrator to understand the exact status of every piece of art. Also, the comparison tool for images [allows] us to check between different versions of artwork and text, which [had been] very time consuming for us. Finally, we found that is easy for the administrator to customize both the DALIM ES user environment and workflow. This will allow us to tailor it, as needed, through time. This is a very significant advantage compared to other software in the market.”

The Company​

ISDIN International cosmetics and dermatology retail brand

ISDIN is an international laboratory specializing in innovative solutions for major dermatological needs and pathologies. ISDIN is a major company in the Spanish dermatological market, presently operating in over 40 countries, primarily across Asia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa.


Barcelona, SPAIN

International Activities – More than 200M euro on 2018

Type of activity:
Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical sector
Number of employees: 
More than 900


Reasons for purchase:
Packaging artwork life cycle management & DAM

This excerpt was taken from the original article in DALIM SOFTWARE’s THEMAGAZINE 2019. Read the full article on page 76 here. 
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