C.D.G. Milano S.r.l.


C.D.G. Milano S.r.l.


Investing in the best technologies and promoting a professional culture that considers quality as the real engine for a continuous improvement has allowed CDG Milano to reach ambitious goals.

A deep knowledge of the business and extensive experience are behind the success of CDG’s CEO Bruno Castellani’s company. CDG delivers high quality services and always meets the needs of its print buyers and advertising customers.

When the company met Hyphen-Italia – software house, system integrator and distributor of DALIM SOFTWARE products in Italy – in 2000 there was a further acceleration in the process of technological renewal and the development of the business. This evolutionary path driven by state-of-the-art technologies and tools has led CDG to conquer new and important market segments. The system chosen by CDG is based on the components of the Chalco.Net suite of Hyphen-Italia integrated with TWIST and DIALOGUE modules.

“Chalco.Net and other DALIM SOFTWARE modules have proved to be real milestones in the company’s evolution and are still fundamental for CDG’s success”, says Francesca Castellani, Bruno’s daughter and responsible for management and marketing. “Hyphen-DALIM SOFTWARE solutions are perfectly integrated and represent our e-business platform and the heart of our production system”, adds Franco Bestetti, CDG’s associate shareholder and “technological soul” of the company.

TWIST is the workflow automation solution that, combined with Hyphen-Italia Chalco.E-procurement system, allows the management of advertising pages for a variety of purposes. The advertising pages that are “localized” according to the needs of different countries are then sent to national distributors and resellers of big brands. As a result, these clients are able to centralize the management of all advertising pages, and control all multiple ‘local’ versions “One example? BALLY Shoe Factories Ltd. with its countless points of sale all over the world”, says Bruno Castellani proudly.

The introduction of the MediaChain Server platform is the latest important evolution in CDGOs business. MediaChain Server is a Hyphen-Italia product that uses the successful features of DALIM SOFTWARE products strategically. It acts as a web portal collecting specific applications to connect everyone involved in the advertising workflow and in the printed communication.
The use of MediaChain Server allows the introduction of an industrial process across all the elements of the production/supply-chain. It ensures a final product that is accurate and created to exact specifications, and satisfies all the needs of the advertiser/brand.

Stefano Righetti, CEO of Hyphen-Italia, who has been working at the MediaChain project for several years, highlights two very interesting items.

Firstly, the link between the world of graphic production and the one of planning and management, made possible by the integration properties of TWIST. Hyphen-Italia has created an add-on to some of the most common DTP applications that, directly linked to the TWIST advertising production workflows, allows the graphic designer to access every piece of detailed information about each job, i.e. technical/mechanical and pressight check data.

The second winning aspect is the use of DIALOGUE, the ideal soft proofing component: “The integration of DIALOGUE in the MediaChain portal has proved to be one of the winning aspects supporting communication with the brands, who have direct access to their assets online. This has allowed CDG to win against the competition and to offer sophisticated services to important clients such as Volkswagen Group Italia”.

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