Press Release 04/05/2015


Enterprise workflow meets Enterprise DAM: DALIM SOFTWARE to exhibit at Henry Stewart DAM New York 2015 Conference

Company will focus on ES 4.5, providing complete content lifecycle management with cross-media production workflows, working with enterprise asset management

Kehl, Germany, May 4, 2015 – DALIM SOFTWARE (, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will for the first time participate as an exhibitor at the Henry Stewart DAM New York 2015 Conference, May 7-8. The event is being held at the New York Hilton Midtown.

“Since 1985, DALIM SOFTWARE has been developing creative production solutions for printers, publishers, agencies, resellers and brands. We have found that brands and content producers traditionally have had a difficult time developing efficient workflows that can seamlessly integrate with their digital asset management systems (DAMs). With the inclusion of many asset management capabilities within our ES production automation software and its wide array of integration points, it made a lot of sense to introduce our solutions this year at the conference,” explains Graham Blanks, Director, North American Business Operations for DALIM SOFTWARE. “What makes ES unique is that it offers an end-to-end package for business process management combined with sophisticated file production automation and collaboration, along with the ability to work with pretty much any third party digital asset management system—or our own—in one complete integrated solution. A number of major media content providers rely on our solutions to manage their production.”

Focus on DALIM ES 4.5: Media production platform extends the productivity of any digital asset management system, making project management and review of files even easier and faster, thus shrinking time to market

DALIM ES (Enterprise Solution) is an integrated media production platform—a web collaborative project management solution and DAM offering a complete package for the management and production of the many aspects facing content providers, regardless of final output. This includes brand owners and retailers who need efficient communication throughout the media production supply chain (which consists of marketing services, designers and production professionals). They can save time by leveraging advanced searches through the ES-integrated DAM. The enterprise project collaboration and technical workflow production along with business process management result in a highly flexible centralized platform for all participants in the media production lifecycle.

Ranging from the traditional file types used in office documents, video, sound, and print production, to RAW images uploaded right from the location of the photo shoot, and even 3D files, ES 4.5 takes care of ingesting, organizing, revision management, transforming and sharing. All that, combined with the sophisticated business process management for approval workflows, provides a complete content lifecycle in the cross-media production workflow.

ES 4.5 includes an easy to connect API, so that supporting solutions such as WordPress or Drupal can be easily integrated. The same API makes it easy for companies to brand their own portals, offering a standard way to communicate with asset management.

“We are very excited to exhibit at the Henry Stewart DAM New York 2015 Conference,” says Blanks. “There are two very important sides to a complete production system. One is the ability to integrate, automate and collaborate content with all the stake holders in the content supply chain. The other is the ability to take the content and to manage, organize, and transform it into deliverable media, no matter the destination channel. We believe that we can offer content creators—or those who must process content—a powerful way to build production workflows that encompass collaboration throughout the entire supply chain.”