Apollo is Sweden’s third largest tour operator and stands for a very wide charter travel offer with more than 1 600 hotels in 48 destinations in 28 countries. An ongoing extensive work for the in-house marketing department is the production of the travel catalogue containing some 300 pages, which is issued twice a year. Thomas Silverbåge, who is responsible for the company’s textand image publication on the web and in the catalogue, thought that the company spent far too much time on the handling of proofs for the catalogue. With the assistance from his advertising and production agency Citat, Apollo has now soft proofed the latest productions in DIALOGUE. This has given Apollo enormous time gains in the production process.

A Scandinavian system for catalogue production

Thomas tells us that Apollo has a Scandinavian system for their catalogue production. At the office in Sweden there are two production managers, three text- and image- editors and two database administrators working with the maintenance of the company’s extensive text- and image-database. When it is time for the catalogue productions the current hotel information and the images are transferred to the catalogue system, which is hosted by Citat.
“It is easy for the staff at Apollo in Sweden and at the charter destinations to upload information and images that we then handle” says Anders Hammarström who is project manager for Apollo at Citat.

From traditional printed proofs….

When the catalogue begins to take shape it is time for proofs, proofreading and corrections. Thomas tells us that this in the past was a very time consuming process with long lead times.
“Our catalogue is a big production and we spent a lot of time so that the printed proofs would be shipped, proofread, commented, sent around to all stakeholders and finally shipped back to Citat again. And when one round of corrections came to an end, the next one started” he says. Thomas realised that the proofing process could be much more effective with a digital proofing system, where all proofs and all information was in one place.

…..to soft proofing

Today Citat gives Apollo access to the web based soft proofing system DIALOGUE from DALIM SOFTWARE. “In the web based interface you get a good view over the whole catalogue and it is easy to access the spreads you want to check. Our staff can easily review and comment and the right operator at Citat is informed immediately and can make the necessary corrections and adjustments. This is incredibly time efficient” says Thomas.
Thomas also tells us that DIALOGUE has clever tools to zoom, view separations and check text. Several persons can be logged in at the same time and with the help of the notes tool they can leave their correction remarks with different colours in a structured way.

Full control over colours

Working with soft proofing puts high demands on your monitors and work environment. Apollo has a special room with calibrated monitors, where the proofs are reviewed.
“For us, this is the perfect solution. We have all the necessary equipment in our office, which give us full control over the production. At the same time Citat handles all print separations for us” says Thomas.

Saves 15 000 EUR a year in messenger costs only

For Apollo, the new soft proofing solution has resulted in enormous time gains and significantly shorter lead times. “We save 15 000 EUR a year on messenger costs alone with this solution” Thomas notes.
Anders Hammarström at Citat notes that more and more companies choose digital proofing systems and proof on monitors. “It is mainly companies with relatively big productions who see the large benefits with these systems” he says.

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