HAIDEMENOS SA, in Athens, Greece, is a pioneer in the development of innovative technologies. Recently they installed the DALIM SOFTWARE’s PRINTEMPO integrated online system for management and coordination of prepress production.

The company was established in 1976 by George Haidemenos, who is still at the helm. The company has always been successful in the Greek graphic arts market and is considered the largest Greek vertically integrated printing company. In January 2000, the company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

HAIDEMENOS SA is a pioneer in the introduction of advanced technologies and possesses both the know-how and cutting edge equipment for offset printing. The company owns two production plants with three web offset presses and three sheetfed offset presses. More than 100 employees produce an average of more than 1500 pages per week.

”For some time, we needed a new and more automated workflow,” comments Sotiris Nassopoulos, Prepress Manager of HAIEDEMENOS SA. “We had instituted different criteria relating to PDF and JDF requirements. But, most important was the compatibility between new and the existing systems, which had been based on a Brisque RIP and KODAK VLF CTP.”

The daily working environment in a company like HAIDEMENOS SA is very demanding, and it was crucial that any production system could respond adequately. Also it was important for the new system to be easily and affordably upgradable in terms of processing power. “In the course of our research, we realized that our production demands are constantly changing and that directed us to a solution that could adjust accordingly, depending on our individual needs — even if that happened within daily production or for only one job,” comments Makis Kotopoulos, General Manager of HAIEDEMENOS SA. After extensive testing within HAIDEMENOS’ production conditions, the TWIST workflow proved itself as the most suitable solution.


”Among the investment criteria set by the sales department was whether our solution would have the correct systems and tools to be adopted easily by our customers,” says Stratos Haidemenos, Haidemenos vice president. “Reducing costs associated with approval times and the reduction of materials was also essential, as was the management of creating multilingual versions of the same publication. It was also very helpful to collect job production data from PRINTEMPO for our business system. Being able to analyze data in our balance sheet was a critical factor both in the evaluation and ROI of the system.”

Haidemenos’ installation of PRINTEMPO is the first such system in Greece, which delivers the company a substantial advantage over its competition. ”There was a clear improvement in approval times through the use of DALIM SOFTWARE DVL and DIALOGUE. These systems have enabled us to upgrade our services to our customers,” concludes Stratos Haidemenos.

”Past experience has taught us that the best solution in theory is not necessarily the best in practice, if it is not accompanied by flawless and on-time support by the local reseller. The cooperation with BEL was perfect, both in consultation during our market investigation, and during implementation of the system. They responded quickly to resolve issues,” emphasizes Sotiris Nassopoulos.

“We have been working with HAIDEMENOS SA at many levels for many years. Therefore, we had an opportunity to propose a long-term solution to meet current and future needs,” says Themis Katsaros, Sales Manager of BEL Computer Systems. “PRINTEMPO, as an overall solution, proved to be the most appropriate for the company.”

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