Laudert opts for the optimal proof workflow with DALIM SOFTWARE

Date: July 9th, 2015

Laudert, based in Vreden, has been reaping the benefits of DALIM SOFTWARE for several years now, and is now gradually moving over to ES 4.

Since the company’s formation in 1959 in Duisburg, Laudert GmbH & Co. KG has been a pioneer of pre-press. Today the company is active across Europe and is a leading media and IT service provider with headquarters in Vreden and other sites in Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bangkok and Ho-Chi-Minh City. In addition to these locations are two in-house customer units in Essen and Bad Waldsee. Whenever new technologies are developed, Laudert is always one of the early adopters and today the company’s name is synonymous with innovation and the use of the latest technology. It is not simply about the technology alone; employee leadership and job workflow are also among the latest concepts in their fields.

All aspects of product communication

With over 350 employees (including 58 trainees), Laudert in Germany is a strategic and operative partner for all aspects of product communication. It is no exaggeration to say that the efficient integration of media production and IT expertise is an everyday passion at this firm. Jörg Rewer, Managing Director, is proud of the company’s success and reflects as follows: “Global players and successful SMEs from the multichannel sector and the (brands) industry profit from this in particular. As “media service provider of the year”, we implement communications strategies with aplomb; we drive ideas forwards, together. And we do it efficiently, reliably and with technical creativity.”


The range of services offered by the company extends from product photography to image data optimisation and management, (SEO) content creation, content updating/shop management, pre-press services, digital and large format printing, programming and hosting of online shops as well as CMS, analysis and optimisation of the entire process chain right through to the custom implementation of IT systems for product communication. All services are integrated into the business sectors of media production, media IT, photography and digital printing.

Streamlined solution with DALIM SOFTWARE

In this context, it seems only logical that around 2004 Laudert decided to install a DALIM SOFTWARE solution, following the gradual integration of a PDF workflow. The company initially started with DIALOGUE, then moved over to ES 3. On this basis, employees are now working with a proof and soft proofing solution integrated throughout the entire company that has significantly streamlined the actual production process as well as communication with customers.

Managing Director Jörg Rewer: “Thanks to the DALIM SOFTWARE solution, the workload for viewing and approving jobs is now considerably reduced. Hierarchical approval processes and a logical correction chain ensure that both we and our customers have the optimum level of support.”

The use of the DALIM SOFTWARE solution at Laudert initially involved a significant investment in powerful hardware and a re-arrangement of the work processes. To date around 120 DALIM SOFTWARE workstations have been set up – further growth is
planned. Unlike many companies where job processing and technology are implemented separately, at Laudert there are individual groups that each focus on specific customers or customer groups. In addition, media production and Laudert IT work very closely together to find solutions to any problems as quickly as possible.


Optimal networking with customers

How did the decision in favour of DALIM SOFTWARE come about? The management team at Laudert were quick to spot the trend that faster and more reliable decision-making processes were required in the proof sector in particular. Even at that time, the company had already installed a remote proof solution for around 10 – 15 large customers to streamline job verification on-site. However, it became increasingly clear that a powerful soft proofing solution would result in better and faster communication. In addition, the hierarchical approval structure of ES 3 meant reliable consultation and agreement with customers. Communication errors are avoided and clear correction instructions given.

Jörg Rewer: “We have now installed a real closed loop system where both our employees and customers are optimally networked with ES 3. Following our move from DIALOGUE to ES3, which is implemented at customer sites with just a few exceptions, we have even more flexible approval mechanisms, a better user interface and even better correction tools.”

Implementing even more complex approval structures with ES 4

Convinced by the high performance of the DALIM SOFTWARE systems and the positive experience gained in their in-house production department, plus great feedback from customers, Laudert had already decided in spring 2013 to start the test phase to transfer across to the latest version, ES 4. Jörg Rewer: “With ES4 we have the opportunity to implement even more complex approval structures – and all this with simpler operation that makes the whole process even faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. Based on the assumption that, at customers’ sites, occasional users (e.g. buyers or product managers) with no special expert media knowledge are increasingly involved in approving pages, ES 4 now provides the tools to provide optimal support for precisely this situation.”

At Laudert they are already looking forward to the next expansion level that is being implemented with close collaboration and support from DALIM SOFTWARE. In terms of requirements for the future, Jörg Rewer summarises: “With ES 4 we will have a very stable system in the future that we can use to take collaboration with our customers to a whole new level. A more intuitive interface and the option to offer “software-as-a-service” allow us to work with even greater efficiency and productivity. Our employees can once again focus more on their actual work, concentrating on content creation, as the approval process is optimally designed to meet the requirements of everyday work.”