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Game Changing Automation at Riccobono's Hélio Print

On January 6, 2023, Diverto Magazine launched across France, prominently featuring the collaborative efforts between Hélio Print, a business unit of the Riccobono Group, and DALIM SOFTWARE. This launch was highlighted by an impressive distribution of 3.2 million copies with 38 unique covers, showcasing the advanced capabilities of DALIM ES, which streamlined the print production processes for both offset and heliographic printing at Hélio Print.

The Riccobono Group, a family-owned business with a 120-year history and currently led by its fifth generation, has established itself firmly in the graphic arts industry in France. The group is diversified across press, magazine, finishing, and distribution sectors, and employs 2,800 people across 12 production sites nationwide.

Hélio Print has embraced significant automation in its operations by integrating DALIM ES, enhancing efficiency and reducing dependency on manual processes. Anthony Richou, Technical Director at Hélio Print, emphasized the impact of this technology, noting, "What stood out was DALIM ES's ability to push automation to a whole new level, beyond that of other vendors, providing tools required for seamless communication between our ERP system and the production platform."

The launch of Diverto Magazine was a critical test of these new capabilities, allowing Hélio Print to demonstrate the effectiveness of their upgraded systems, which offers automated preliminary checks and real-time production monitoring. The smooth rollout of such a large-scale project was a significant achievement for both Hélio Print and their new client Diverto. Richou reflects on the dual success: "Providing guidance to the client proved successful, resulting in a notable double victory: smoothly navigating our own technical transformation and ensuring clients adapted seamlessly."

This collaboration between Hélio Print and DALIM SOFTWARE marks a significant milestone in the evolution of printing technology, demonstrating the potential of automation to enhance publisher-printer collaborations significantly.

For those interested in the detailed journey of Diverto's launch and the strategic use of DALIM ES in revolutionizing print processes, the full article is available in the latest issue of THE MAGAZINE 28. Download your copy today to explore this remarkable story and many more.


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