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Elevate Your Proofing Process

DALIM DIALOGUE revolutionizes the proofing process by offering advanced softproofing capabilities that enhance accuracy, efficiency, and global collaboration. Designed to support high-resolution, color-accurate viewing across various media formats, this platform enables faster approvals while ensuring compliance with industry standards.


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Overcoming Modern Proofing Challenges

Reviewing and approving digital and print content can be a complex process. Traditional hard proofing is time-consuming and expensive, while online proofing, though essential, introduces its own set of challenges.

Enabling Real-Time Collaboration

Geographic barriers often lead to delays and miscommunications when working with teams scattered across the globe. This can slow down projects and cause frustration. Real-time collaboration and instant feedback are crucial to keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring smooth, timely progress.

Ensuring Accuracy and Quality

Mistakes in proofing can be costly and embarrassing. It's easy for small errors to slip through and become big problems. Keeping a high standard of accuracy is crucial to avoid these issues. Advanced tools and thorough quality checks can help catch errors early and maintain the integrity of your work.

Streamlining Approval Processes

Traditional approval processes can be a headache—slow, complicated, and full of bottlenecks. Simplifying and speeding up these workflows is necessary to get projects completed on time. A straightforward approach can save time and reduce stress for everyone involved.

 Centralizing Feedback

Managing feedback from multiple sources can be chaotic and inefficient. Comments can get lost, and miscommunication can occur. Centralizing feedback in one place makes it easier to manage and track, ensuring that all input is addressed and nothing falls through the cracks.


Precision Viewing and Analysis

Faced with these proofing challenges, you need a solution that excels. DALIM DIALOGUE steps in with precision viewing and analysis, ensuring your digital and print content is meticulously examined. This enhances your workflow and maintains the highest quality standards across all types of media.

High-Resolution Content Review

Enable pixel-perfect zoom with our high-resolution viewer, supporting detailed examination of content. This reduces the number of review iterations, ensuring that every detail is captured accurately and efficiently, ultimately saving time and improving productivity.


Unwavering Color Accuracy

Ensure true color representation in a browser, allowing users to simulate different color profiles and preview content with confidence. This capability guarantees consistency and accuracy across various media formats, so what you see on the screen is what you’ll get.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Gain greater control with advanced features like print information display, precise measuring tools, a built-in densitometer, and the ability to toggle printable layers on and off. These tools facilitate in-depth analysis and quality control, ensuring that every aspect of your digital proofs meets your exact standards.

Effortless Revision Comparison

Easily identify changes with our powerful revision comparison feature that allows users to view file revisions side-by-side or using overlay comparison. Utilizing pixel analysis tools, this feature helps maintain consistency and catch any discrepancies early in the review process, enhancing overall quality control.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Beyond precision analysis, DALIM DIALOGUE transforms team collaboration and communication. It ensures all stakeholders are aligned and informed, fostering an efficient and streamlined workflow essential for high-quality results.

Real-Time Collaborative Environment

Facilitate seamless cooperation with real-time collaboration features. Comments can be viewed instantly, replied to, and assigned statuses, enabling team members to work together efficiently and keep the project moving forward without delays.

Comprehensive Annotation Tools

Provide precise feedback using a wide range of annotation tools available within the viewer. Note pins, free-drawing, shapes, and proofing marks allow users to give detailed and accurate feedback, ensuring that all suggestions are clear and actionable.

Multi-Tiered Approval Cycles

Ensure thorough review with multi-tiered approval cycles. These cycles can involve both internal and external stakeholders, allowing for comprehensive review and approval processes. This ensures that every necessary perspective is considered before final approval.

Integrated Notification Features

Stay informed with integrated notification features that keep all interested parties updated about approval statuses and required actions. This ensures that everyone is aware of the project's progress and any actions they need to take, reducing the risk of miscommunication and missed deadlines.

User-Friendly Interface and Multi-Format Support

DALIM DIALOGUE not only fosters collaboration and communication but also enhances user experience with its intuitive interface and broad file format support. Seamlessly integrating with various systems, it ensures efficient content management and review.

Intuitive User Interface

Accelerate adoption and simplify the proofing process with our user-friendly interface. The interface features clear icons for various annotation and review tools, making it easy for users to navigate and perform tasks efficiently, regardless of their technical expertise.


Comprehensive Multi-Format Support

Ensure compatibility with diverse content types through our comprehensive support for various file formats. DALIM DIALOGUE supports PDFs, images, videos, Adobe and Office documents, audio, websites, and even 3D files. This broad compatibility ensures that all your digital and print content can be reviewed and approved within a single platform.

Flexible Integration Capabilities

Enhance utility without disrupting workflows with our flexible integration capabilities. DALIM DIALOGUE integrates seamlessly with other systems through SDK or ES plugins, supporting platforms like Adobe CC, WordPress, ERP, and more. This flexibility allows you to incorporate advanced proofing features into your existing workflow, maximizing efficiency and utility.

Applications and Testimonials

Customer Testimonial

How Quad built a platform that can handle it all.

Extract from an interview with Jason Slock, IT-EBS Manager and Steven Oleksak, Executive Director, PreMedia Operations at Quad.

While most of the production staff was on premises, a large part of Quad’s admin team was working from home, along with many Quad clients. The ability to access the platform anywhere, based on anyone’s own local band-width connectivity, let our staff do everything they needed without being in the room. The annotation ability while reviewing proofs—allowing clients and internal Quad people communicate seamlessly within that tool set—was a big success,” comments Oleksak. “Our customers did not necessarily have access to hands-on proofs. So, they were working in a soft proofing world. DALIM SOFTWARE solutions made it possible to easily conduct color accurate viewing, and would have proven difficult without it.”

Read the full story how Quad leveraged DALIM SOFTWARE solutions to serve as a complete premedia workflow solution— including preflighting, trapping, color, rendering, flatplanning, and soft proofing review and approvals.

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