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Quad: building a platform that can handle it all

Quad, a global marketing experience company with around 15,000 employees, offers integrated marketing solutions across various media channels. The company stands out for its comprehensive print manufacturing operations and serves a diverse range of industries. Over the past decade, Quad has enhanced its capabilities by acquiring several creative and digital marketing agencies and printing companies, which has enriched its range of services. These include strategy and consulting, data and analytics, technology solutions, media services, creative and content solutions, and managed services.

A significant transformation in Quad's operational approach was the adoption of DALIM SOFTWARE tools, which replaced older systems to streamline premedia workflows. The shift began in 2012 following the acquisition of Vertis, and was solidified with the full integration of DALIM ES in 2016. This system supports various functions like preflighting, trapping, color, rendering, and soft proofing review/approvals. It is praised for its flexibility and ability to be customized to meet diverse process challenges, significantly enhancing productivity and collaboration capabilities.

Quad’s Executive Director of PreMedia Operations, Steven Oleksak, remarked on the functionality added by DALIM ES: "We’re able to streamline our processes and offer a single platform for managing all product mixes, which has allowed us to capture additional market segments for some of our clients." He further highlights the strategic impact of the software: "DALIM ES is one of the most robust workflow solution platforms on the market, offering great possibilities to streamline internal and external processes."


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