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ES Plugins and Desktops

The DALIM ES Plugins and Desktops enable developers to harness the power of DALIM ES. These allow you to simplify and make your interface easier to read. Below you will find information that will help you get started, along with some helpful guides to demonstrate the possibilities.

DALIM Desktop and Plugin components can be made/used to simplify the comprehension of your User Interface.

There are many different ways that Plugins and Desktops can be implemented.

A Desktop can be made within the DALIM ES job ticket layout interface; you do not need any developer skills. If you want to go further, you can use CSS to improve the visuals of your Desktops.

Where the ES Plugins are concerned, javascript and HTML languages are recommended.

Do not hesitate to have a look at our documentation and our Plugins/Desktop examples.




  • An ES system.
  • The ES DALIM DESKTOP License.
  • The DALIM API license is a plus for making API calls from your own
    plugin components

Getting Started

In order to activate the plugin components in ES, add the following line to the end of this file /symlnks/common/tomcat7.0/bin/


JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dcom/dalim/esprit/config/HTMLPluginURL=file:///symlnks/var/es/htmlplugin"

/symlnks/var/es/htmlplugin refers to the location where all the plugins have to be deployed. In this documentation we will refer to this directory as the root folder.


Make your first Plugin

We recommend you follow the Writing a first plugin tutorial for a first step



For documentation about the escmp.xml file, go to the Declaration file documentation.
For documentation about the javascript mixin implementation, go to the JavaScript Mixin documentation.
For documentation about the localization, check the Localisation of a plugin documentation.



Here is a list of tutorials you may be interested in:

Note for developers

The plugin system is designed to be developer-friendly. You DO NOT have to restart the server to synchronise any plugin modifications. Any changes brought to files in the root directory or in a plugin directory will immediately be applied on the server. To see the changes in ES, you simply have to refresh your browser tab.


Sample Scripts

Click here to download some sample scripts to help you get started with the ES Plugins!


About the author
Aurelien Knapp
Senior Application Consultant at DALIM SOFTWARE