Crystal-clear visibility for asset production processes and planning...

What SPLASHLIGHT achieves with DALIM ES:

  • An integrated web-based platform for efficient asset production and management
  • Customized dashboards and workflows for profitability and accuracy
  • Transparency for insight into production processes and project planning
  • Flexibility to adapt, scale and integrate with each client
The technology we offer can […] support [retail brands’] bottom line by planning, creating and routing assets that go to the right place, at the right time to drive conversion.

Peter Gunther, VP Strategic Technology,

The Challenge

Work transparently with clients to plan and improve their creative production processes

[Splashlight needed] a central nervous system that aligned everyone involved (merchandise teams, photographers, post-production, the client, etc.) on the production schedule to support faster delivery of assets and allow for real-time adjustments to marketing strategies.

Splashlight wanted a service that allowed […] brands that manage enormous amounts of merchandise to not only track their assets in incredible detail, but create their own, personalized system of accountability.

splashlight  DALIM

The Solution

An integrated platform for clear project planning and customizable production processes

Splashlight has created a unique customizable solution that provides clients with efficient workflows and crystal-clear visibility into the production process. Ultimately, clients are able to plan and organize their creative assets more efficiently and to generate more relevant and accurate photography output.

According to Peter Gunther, Senior Director of Strategic Technology at Splashlight, “Brands come to us with a desire to create beautiful images that help sell products. But they don’t always know that the technology we offer can also help them better track their merchandise, deliver results on set more efficiently and support their bottom line by planning, creating and routing assets that go to the right place, at the right time to drive conversion.” “We can customize virtually any element of the process […],” explains Benoit Lagarde, Splashlight’s Co-Founder. [Clients can] focus on what they do best: generating the best work and getting their product quickly to market. You can gain flexibility, control and transparency for your marketing processes with DALIM SOFTWARE’s tools too.


The Company​

In a world where data and fashion seem to be at odds, one visual content and technology provider intuitively understands the importance of leveraging technology to help retail brands exceed their goals. Splashlight has been creating high-quality content and transforming production systems for nearly 15 years, developing world-class technology with an insatiable mission to deliver creative intelligence at every turn.

This excerpt was taken from the original article in DALIM SOFTWARE’s THEMAGAZINE issue 24.

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