Project Management & KPIS
The clearest view is digital.

In complex projects, you need clarity for top speed. Our Creative Project Management tools and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards give you control and transparency for maximum acceleration.

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Stop chasing approvals!

Transparency encourages your stakeholders to review and approve creative assets and campaigns quickly.

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Plan better projects!

A clear view of marketing workflow milestones and approval processes reveals potential barriers at an early stage. Assign tasks, plan resources and monitor progress in the same workflow system.

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Identify bottlenecks quickly!

With mobile access to AI-based customizable dashboards and templates, you can track approvals and reallocate capacity to keep your media production processes flowing.

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Get the perspective you prefer on your collaborative projects!

View by calendar, tasks, Gantt, resources, workflows, or by Kanban – choose the view that helps you take the fastest decisions in your creative projects. Our planning tool offers them all, giving you the control you need.

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