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The Duwood Agency Tackles Modern Packaging Challenges with DALIM ES.

Duwood is an independent agency specializing in the creation of branding and packaging. Historically established in France, its teams support clients in a wide variety of geographical areas, located mainly in the southern hemisphere (Overseas France, North Africa, West Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, and Polynesia).


Guillaume Boucher, CEO of Duwood, answers our questions for THEMAGAZINE.


Can you present the types of clientele and activity of your agency?

The world of mass consumption is our playground. For more than 30 years, the agency has built a very strong expertise in this market—and more particularly, in the food and beverage industry. We have a very successful organization that integrates three areas of expertise: innovation and branding; packaging creation and the entire supply chain for deployment; and technical execution & prepress.


We support international groups, cooperatives, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), but also innovative start-ups in the agri-food industry, in partnership with incubators such as Euralimentaire in Lille.


What did you detect in DALIM ES that meets Duwood’s innovation strategy?

Our business has evolved a lot over the past 15 years, both in the creative approach and in project management. The digitalization of the business process has become the rule. It is therefore essential to have tools such as DALIM ES that meet the expectations of our customers.


What competitive features have made the difference in favor of DALIM ES?

After seeing several solutions, I chose DALIM ES for its SAAS solution, which is more adapted to our organization—as well as to the integration of a DAM, centralizing all the assets of the brands we support. I should add to this the DALIM ES online proofing solution, which is both powerful and intuitive.


How does DALIM ES help you achieve your goals?

My goal was to have a solution that allows us to manage a large number of projects and types of customers, by controlling the costs. DALIM ES allows us to meet these objectives. In addition, I wanted a digital collaborative tool with which my clients and I could work. It was a necessity that Covid-19 has only reinforced. DALIM ES allows us more innovation, more responsiveness, and greater links with our customers.


What effects do you see on a daily basis, in this strengthening of the customer relationship brought about by DALIM ES ?

It facilitates our business relationships by providing innovative solutions and placing us as a partner. The DALIM ES environment allows us to be proactive: managing all the client's assets helps us to keep an overall vision, and we can thus reflect with them on creative solutions, within a real partnership.


Finally, what do you think are the challenges of packaging in the coming months?

There is no doubt that environmental, social and ethical challenges exist. We are moving from a mass consumer society to a more responsible society that is paying attention to the impact of its consumption on the environment.


Unfortunately, packaging continues to pollute our planet. Our role as a player in this industry is to constantly innovate to significantly reduce pollution. This involves proposing more environmentally friendly materials to even simpler things, such as reducing the size of packaging or the rate of inking.


Vive the white packaging!


DALIM ES has a tool that controls the inking rate.


Still, in the societal and ethical side, the transparency of the product becomes a major component. We can now, with a QR code, retrieve all the data from a DAM to deliver more information—for example about allergenic components.


Interview by Didier Destabeaux 

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