Archiware P5

Migration of inactive DALIM ES data and projects to cost-effective archive storage


Whether video, print advertising, catalog pages, labels or marketing material – the execution of a project consists of more than one task. It is about producing, managing, converting and sharing digital content with the best tools, the right people, at the right time – anytime, anywhere.

To manage these tasks and ensure that all files are securely stored for long-term storage after production is complete, a digital asset management combined with Archiware P5 is the perfect solution.

Your benefits through integration


  • Collaborative digital asset production and management

  • Saves on-line storage thanks to simple archiving

  • Easy workflow definition thanks to setup templates

  • Professional long-term storage on LTO-TAPE

  • Automatic archiving & restore from DALIM ES

  • Tape cloning for storage outside home

  • Archiving of files and entire projects

  • Parallelization for higher performance of multiple tape drives


DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, designs and develops innovative workflows and communication softwares. DALIM SOFTWARE has an individual solution for nearly all industries with the need to optimize their media production.

 With the extensive know-how of the passionate programmers, combined with a great experience in the print and media landscape, DALIM SOFTWARE has become a key player in the industry for everyone that thinks differently, looking for a partner big enough to make a difference yet human sized enough to care for a long time personalised relationship. 

About Archiware

Archiware P5 Archive archives to disk, LTO tape or to the cloud. The choice of the medium lies with the customer. A mixed strategy is recommended. At the same time, keep in mind that LTO-Tape is not used by large corporations, banks and insurance companies worldwide for long-term storage.

To achieve maximum data security, P5 Archive provides a cloning option to create an identical tape set for paging or a data copy in the cloud. For LTO tape, the parallelization feature allows greater scalability with respect to performance and simultaneous archive and restore jobs.