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How did you find the time to read this?

The odds are you’re busy, whether you’re working at a high-powered consumer goods company, retailer, active nonprofit, or government organization. A lot is going on, from promotion, collateral, online projects, and even packaging—and in print, video, or online. Then there are the details, assuring accurate information is correct on everything you do, like regulatory compliance and regional copy.

Products change all the time. How many photos do you take in a day? How can you make sure that all decision-makers can comment on—select and approve—the perfect image from so many files, with tight, same-day deadlines? How do you track it all—and how do you even know who has the rights?

More than 92% of marketers say the biggest reason for missed deadlines is approval delays. Don't you wish you could assign tasks, plan resources and monitor progress more efficiently, with a clear view of milestones and approval processes?

In the end, you need to know if you’re working as productively—and effectively—as possible.

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A DAM to ensure your brand consistency and corporate identity

With DALIM ES, you can manage all your content in a single source of trust, where you know that the document you access is the most recent, approved content. Precise version controls ensure asset accuracy and compliance during the entire content production process. The secure access to our DAM is based on roles, so everyone has access to only the content and tools they need.

Meanwhile, you can tailor user interfaces to give your power users more capabilities while making it easy for your customers to contribute to collaborative online review cycles. All your projects are driven through meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure how efficient each project is!

Enrich your online proofing process

Working with DALIM ES, you can ensure you are using the right solution—and customizing it to your needs—so you are comfortable with brand management projects and can adapt quickly to market changes. DALIM ES organizes your multi-step approval cycles and accelerates your collaborative work.

Our web-based proofing tool lets you seamlessly work with supply chain partners worldwide to create the best possible content. You can eliminate unnecessary time spent on additional steps and messy email communications.

Pre-set automated production workflows with up to 100 tools!

Using DALIM ES, you can set up approval processes parallel with file processing workflows by automating many manual tasks that are currently not productive and cost your employees and organization time. DALIM ES automated productions workflows provide up to 100 tools. Your organization saves time merely by making all your processes run faster.

Serious companies take project management seriously!

Consistent branding and messaging are imperative for any strategic company, where content accuracy and compliance are crucial and distributed among numerous campaigns. In well-organized companies, at any given time, most strategic groups are involved with many structured projects, with dedicated teams and time frames assigned to each task.

In DALIM ES, you can structure these content creation tasks in many independent or related projects, allocate resources, and set tight—yet realistic—milestones. Finally, to see how well you're doing, with DALIM ES, you can share visual Gantt charts and track your workflows on customized graphical dashboards—packed with your own KPIs!

Integrate DALIM ES into your existing marketing tool inventory!

DALIM ES can be integrated into all your software—without disrupting your existing architecture:

  • Integrate production workflows into your existing tools and automatically trigger them from orders received from an ERP.
  • Log into electronic document management systems and store essential files directly into the DALIM ES DAM.
  • Integrate DALIM ES DAM functions—like searches and reviews—into your ERP.
  • Take advantage of the connection between DALIM ES and a Product Information Management system to synchronize product metadata automatically.