Where’s everything I need?

No matter what you're publishing, it's a challenge to coordinate authors, editors, art directors, advertisers—and deadlines. You receive content from throughout the world and need to coordinate material, manage the approval, and publish projects—usually every week.

Imagine all that you go through: selecting images from hundreds of sources, coordinating the text accuracy from several authors, and overseeing designers as they put this all together.

Then you need the managing editor, publisher—and perhaps advertisers—to review and approve everything quickly so that you can send print-ready files to the printer.

When it's all over? You require a place to store everything, waiting to be called up quickly for a recent article or project. You also have to repurpose the content for other channels—perhaps online. In the end, you're saving all of your content—and rights information—for reference and use in the future.

And when it’s done? You get to do it all over again next week.

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A DAM to collaborate with ease on multichannel publishing projects

With so much content, some publishers end up storing their assets in multiple workstations or locations, which can get disorganized and lead to difficulty when trying to find important content!

With the DALIM ES Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, you can easily consolidate your assets in one centralized place. It makes it easier to select the best text and images for your publishing projects. While creating content, you can easily coordinate reviews for text accuracy and manage rights information on text and images to confirm your permissions.

Optimize your online proofing process

There are probably many people who need to review and/or approve each issue before it gets published—editors, publishers, art directors, sales reps, and maybe even advertisers. That means you’d better have an efficient system to assure everyone has had a look.

Within DALIM ES, you can manage your flat plans of complete views of each magazine that can be shared for review and approval workflows. Thus, you can keep a clear overview and update your complex projects—even with many specific regional differences.

DALIM ES organizes your multi-step approval cycles and accelerates your collaborative work. Our web-based proofing tools let you seamlessly communicate with everyone worldwide to ensure you have created the best possible content. The online proofing solution enables you to review and annotate any page. DALIM ES offers many reviewing tools, including a very productive side-by-side view, where you can quickly compare different versions for correctness. Besides, our text extraction feature lets you quickly modify the text you've written. This means you can eliminate unnecessary time spent on additional steps and messy email communications.

Efficient automated workflows that meet deadlines and avoid mistakes

One of the most powerful facets of DALIM ES for publishers is having a production workflow engine that can prepare print-ready files for each issue you have. You can manually place content into your flatplan or use an automatic workflow to fill in your DAM content for starters. Once complete and approved, a spotless print-ready file can be prepared, ready for delivery. DALIM ES can also help prepare your content for multichannel distribution (for example, online or e-book). Automated workflows can ensure that your publishing content is error-free, making it easier to send to print providers and meet crucial deadlines.

More publishing projects delivered in less time!

Odds are you're working on multiple specialty publications weekly, and taking the time to gather content and have it ready for print or other distribution channels is imperative on time. Publication projects seem to multiply exponentially, exploding with different languages, regionalization—and maybe even personalization.

So how do you track projects and learn how to work more efficiently? DALIM ES lets you visually manage your projects' efficiency, offering a dashboard with a graphical view of projects utilizing Gantt charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Current workload and outstanding to-do tasks. You can also see where every job is in your facility. It’ll help you understand how to restructure your workflow to get the most out of your staff, so you can all focus on creating the best content for your readers.

Integrate DALIM ES into your production and design tool inventory!

DALIM ES fits easily into your business by creating links with your existing software:

  • Want others to see what you've done? You can integrate DALIM ES with your various Content Management Systems (CMS) to create a public DAM with a selection of your images.
  • Integrate colorimetry into your tools.
  • Integrate DALIM ES into your editorial flatplans, where you can easily see the status of each issue—and how they’re coming together.