Labels & Packaging

You’re kidding. We need to create more packaging for new brand extensions?

If you are like many companies, you're inventing—or reinventing—products all the time. It probably seems that everyone worldwide needs to review and approve packaging and labels: text and artwork management reviews by marketing, quality assurance, R&D, and regulatory departments. External partners like printers, packaging suppliers, and third-party manufacturers have their say, too.

With brand extensions, promotions, regional versioning, and personalization, it's tough to ensure information—like ingredients and dosage—that is accurate on every product. And, if you're regulated, you have to track everything.

Prepping graphic files also requires many tasks before you get to print. Above all, you have to make sure brand colors match.

How do you streamline text and artwork management reviews and know every piece of art's exact status?

Wouldn't you like to monitor process improvement and customize workflows as your processes change?

header workflow

A DAM customized to support any dynamic packaging production workflow.

DALIM ES includes a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform to manage any packaging artwork lifecycle while ensuring both supply chain flexibility and compliance. You can rely on the DALIM ES version control to validate complex product information accurately. With complete, automatic traceability, you can avoid lawsuits, lost time, and missed deadlines. Automate online review cycles—with flat art or 3D prototypes—to meet your time-to-market deadlines. To make sure you are working efficiently, you can monitor your projects through meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The result? You have more time to focus on your artwork!

How accurate can your online proofing system be?

DALIM ES can manage packaging templates with the proper level of compliance. Using the DALIM ES virtual comparison mode, even the most minor changes are easy to spot. Check your file's color consistency in a color-accurate environment (FOGRA-certified), all from a simple web browser. You can preview files, looking at each of an unlimited number of channels, one at a time in picture-perfect detail, to make sure each variation is spot-on.

Seamless automated workflow package.

When it comes to packaging, you have many variables to manage, including sizes, brand extensions, different languages, barcodes, and, most of all, regulations that are continually changing. With DALIM ES, you can ensure that your packaging is correct and compliant. Our fully modular, customized automated approval workflows—that precisely fit your review requirements—let you avoid delays, but more importantly, errors.

DALIM ES project dashboard, tell me who has approved what, and when?”

Personalization, brand extensions, new products, and regional versioning can keep you very busy. When it comes to packaging project management, it’s all about planning milestones and allocating resources in a dynamic multi-project environment. When the deadlines approach, it is more about locating those who did not approve certain content and urge them to hurry up! We’ve got you covered. DALIM ES project management tools will ensure that everybody knows what they have to do—and when—before it’s too late. You will have more time to design even more powerful packaging graphics or research recent sustainability advancements!

Integrate DALIM ES into your marketing tool inventory!

DALIM ES easily integrates with all existing software, even the most complex, thanks to a rich connector environment:

  • Integrate the DALIM ES Online Viewer into your other marketing tools for high definition, color-managed proofs—even 3D views.
  • Make last-minute updates possible with a direct connection to any Product Information Management system.
  • Connect and take advantage of several tools for automated label generation, indirect processing, and web-to-print workflows
  • Integrate DALIM ES micro-services to preflight and validate the PDF files received from your customers.