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PDFLight brings intuitive high-end PDF optimisation on every desktop!
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Centralize, manage, collaborate and share at unprecedented levels
your photos, videos, PDF and native files.
Digital Asset Management
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Efficient content communication and color accurate soft proofing from design to press room.
Soft Proofing
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TWIST is the most flexible and future-proof digital production workflow available
Production Workflow


Centralized collaboration and communication solution, combining the technical aspects of production along with the business workflow of multi-channel content.

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Highly flexible media production workflow engine for preflight, color management, trapping and virtually any other automation requirements.

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Mobile soft proofing client for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

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Integrating efficient content communication and color accurate PDF soft proofing from design to press room.

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Tailor-made solutions, powered by DALIM SOFTWARE.

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We obtained much faster, more reliable and more accurate coordination results […]

Björn Möller, Authorised Signatory at Echopark

It certainly opens doors to new clients […]

Rob King, Managing Director at Altaimage Ltd

I have noticed time savings (…) which I estimate to be a saving of at least 15% […]

Gérard Serra, Director of Pastel Creation Production at Pierre Fabre

With the help of DALIM SOFTWARE (…) our packaging work increased significantly […]

Larry Leto, President at North American Color Inc.

When we started there were some target goals for efficiency, which we’ve surpassed […]

Roger Schwarz, Chief Information Officer at Prinovis

We like the pure flexibility of ES and TWIST. We can do and create anything we need. […]

Ken Pecca, Director of Premedia & Imaging at Hearst Magazines

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