Integrating efficient content communication and color accurate PDF soft proof

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"...from content check to color accurate softproof..."

Whether for color, content or layout, sooner or later a proof is required to share your work with clients for last minute changes or final approvals. But with tight deadlines and the geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable to ensure an efficient communication process, making soft proofing the obvious alternative.

DIALOGUE Engine is a FograCert and SWOP® certified soft proofing solution, designed to be an integrative part of any existing third party DAM or custom-designed web page. Through its Software Development Kit (SDK), clients simply add soft proofing capabilities to a system they already feel comfortable with. And, since it is all based on super-fast HTML5, no plug-ins are required – leading to simpler support and operation for end users.

Online Collaboration

  • Intuitive reviewing features
  • Comprehensive annotation tools
  • Extensive file format support
  • HTML5 viewer, no plug-ins

Ultimate Quality Control

Powerful SDK

  • For seamless integration into your web tools
  • Detailed user management
  • Available for ES


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