Packaging Content Management


Packaging Content Management

Packaging continues to be an extremely important component of the marketing mix. It also requires a tremendous amount of attention throughout the supply chain, from the brand to the retailer, up to the impact to shoppers. In this paper, we will investigate the recent challenges of packaging to understand the requirements of brand owners to manage the content. They need a solution that is capable of managing packaging campaigns as a component of the marketing mix (as explained in our previous white paper Packaging and marketing altogether. Finally.). But, they also need a solution where they can specifically control packaging content, from images the text.

Packaging Challenge

Rapid innovations and changes have become constants for brands and their packaging during the past few years— and there seems to be no end to this trend. As expectations for a better customer experience and engagement reach greater heights, online shoppers continue to wait for speedy, accurate deliveries. In response, retailers and brands that require packaging are applying pressure throughout the supply chain to deliver products faster and more efficiently … Download the whitepaper and learn more about challenges and solutions for content management all around packaging and labeling.

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